Its all about Julie!

Originating from a family of magicians, it is hardly surprising that Julie Llusion should follow in their footsteps and become a successful ‘lady magician’ herself. At the age of eleven she was assisting her mum ‘Margaret’ and magic partner ’Jo Dutton’ (known on the cabaret and theatre circuit as The Marjos). During this period she often assisted in her dad’s children’s shows. Julie began to perform her own act at the age of thirteen. Endless hours of practicing certainly began to pay off. At the age of sixteen Julie won the title of ‘Lady Magician of Great Britain’! A fabulous achievement at such a young age.

By the time she left school Julie already had an agent. Consequently, within weeks of leaving school, Julie became a professional entertainer. She began touring all the top nightclubs and theatres in the UK, working with TV stars such as Gene Pitney, Bruce Forsythe, Frankie Laine, Ken Dodd, Showaddywaddy, The Drifters and many more.

A ‘lady magician’ is quite unusual as it is normally a male dominated arena. However, this bodes well for Julie and it led to her having several television appearances, one being on the Paul Daniels Magic Show. Her career kept the whole of her family busy. Her parents and granddad making her props and illusions, mum making stage outfits and dad ‘Stan’ chauffeuring her all around the country. The main highlights of Julie’s career were performing for the troops in Northern Ireland, Italy, Germany, Holland and Belize (Central America).
At eighteen she performed for six months at the ‘Sun Hatoya Hotel’ in Japan.

Working on cruise liners kept Julie busy. She had to perform five different magic acts, in addition to song and dance routines. It was a very hectic but enjoyable period in her life.

After working away from home in the summer season, Julie would then be ready for Christmas pantomime! Here she played “The Good Fairy”.

After having a family, Julie decided to cut down on her work abroad and concentrate on more local events. Her mum suggested being a children’s entertainer. Julie has not looked back since!